A participant-led conference from OpenNews for journalists who want to transform their work, their organizations, and their communities.

When & where

SRCCON 2020 is July 15-17, online!

The SRCCON 2020 schedule

Check out the schedule for SRCCON 2020! We’re excited to make this event accessible across time zones and different circumstances.

We’ll continue to update the schedule as we confirm a few final sessions, and there’s still plenty of room to attend and get involved!

How to be a part of SRCCON 2020

Our call for participation form is open! If you’d like to attend SRCCON 2020, this is how to let us know.

This year will be our first digital SRCCON, and we’re building an online space based on what we collectively value about the physical experience. There are lots of ways to participate in SRCCON 2020—you could:

Or suggest something we haven’t thought of yet. The participation form is open for anyone who’d like to attend SRCCON 2020, and we review entries on a rolling basis. Our sessions program is full, but SRCCON is built around community participation, and there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved. If invited to attend, you’ll have the chance to purchase a ticket. The program will take place over the course of three days, with a mix of sessions you’ll be able to participate in live and asynchronously, largely between the hours of 9am-9pm ET to accommodate participation from as many time zones as possible.

Two easy ways to stay up to date: @srccon on Twitter / our newsletter

About SRCCON 2020

SRCCON 2020 will be fully online and in the midst of both a global crisis and a reckoning within journalism. We expect that in some ways, it will be unlike any event we’ve held before. What we do know, however, is that SRCCON 2020 will remain a unique, accessible, and inclusive event that hosts frank, challenging, nurturing, and creative conversations that need to be had.

At SRCCON, you’ll:

SRCCON programs are built by participants, and previous attendees have already expressed interest this year in talking about topics like: leading during crisis, nurturing staff remotely, navigating uncertain career paths, reshaping team workflows, and organizing collective action to address the systemic racism in our industry. We can’t wait to hear what you want to talk about.

SRCCON will be a place to re-energize, personally and professionally, and the care participants take with one another animates every piece of our shared program. The conversations that happen here come from the community and reflect its values:

Our work exists to create a future where journalists can work in newsrooms that are equitable, inclusive, and collaborative. We hold space for you to bring your entire self to SRCCON, just as we hope that one day everyone will be able to bring their whole selves to work—instead of feeling the need to self-oppress because of identity or background. We also hope to provide the community, environment, and support you need to focus on your work (or what you’re passionate about), and at least for a while, do it without carrying extra weight.

Who attends SRCCON events

Our participants represent organizations ranging from massive to tiny, and come from all over the U.S. and many other countries. Accessibility is a core value, and we always offer live session transcripts and tons of documentation for those who can’t attend in person. This year, we’re excited to expand possibilities for attendees even further. Much of the SRCCON program will be available across multiple time zones and through asynchronous participation—if you need to take care of the popsicle your kid just dropped on the floor or step away for an urgent call, we want to make it possible to participate around the complexity of this moment.

SRCCON participants are developers, designers, journalists, editors, and allies: the practitioners and leaders who are transforming their newsrooms into more representative and innovative places to work. Participants come to SRCCON to change journalism by creating more intentional processes, better relationships with the communities they cover, and new ways to engage and inform people.

How much does it cost?

Ticket prices start at $125, plus ticketing fees. We’ll also offer a limited number of need-based, free scholarship tickets as well as $250 stipends for attendees whose time to attend would otherwise be uncompensated. All scholarship applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified by July 1.

SRCCON events don’t have open sale dates or lotteries. If you want to come to SRCCON 2020, our call for participation is how to let us know.

What’s next?

Stay in touch by following @SRCCON and find out about upcoming deadlines by joining our mailing list. If you have a specific question, please reach out.

About us

SRCCON events are produced by OpenNews. We connect a network of developers, designers, journalists, and editors to collaborate on open technologies and processes within journalism. OpenNews believes that a community of peers working, learning and solving problems together can create a stronger, more responsive, and inclusive journalism ecosystem. Incubated at the Mozilla Foundation from 2011-2016, OpenNews is now a project of Community Partners.