SRCCON Talks Watch Parties 🎉

We’re replaying five talks from SRCCON 2020 for the public. Join us!

This year, we brought “Talks” to our annual SRCCON programming, and it was a huge success! If the majority of SRCCON is dedicated to sessions, where attendees get in the weeds and do the work of changing journalism, the six talks we brought to SRCCON were meant to give them a shared foundation upon which to do that work.

Our talks were only available for SRCCON 2020 attendees, until now.

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be replaying five of our talks from SRCCON 2020, both because they feature important conversations that deserve ongoing discussion and attention, and because we heard from so many SRCCON attendees this year that they’d love to share some of our 2020 talks with peers, their team, or their organization!

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Public Talks

📽 Watch Now

We’re happy to be able to make two of our SRCCON Talks this year fully public. Enjoy!

Doris Truong and Samantha Ragland on how no matter where you are on your organization’s ladder, you have agency and power.

Tasneem Raja in conversation with Candice Fortman, on the joys and challenges of being a woman of color leading her own newsroom, while working within an ecosystem of racist policies and institutions.


📽 Public Watch Party Schedule

Once a week for five weeks, we’ll host a free watch party, featuring one of our talks from SRCCON 2020. During the watch party, we’ll do a brief intro, replay the video of the talk, and then host a live Q&A with our speakers, who have generously agreed to come! We’re also calling these parties because we’re anticipating that groups of people will be coming together to meet one another, and engage together with these talks and ideas!

Please note: Watch parties will only be available live and will NOT be recorded. Can’t make it or interested in setting up a re-watch with your team or org? You’ve got options.

Here’s the schedule:

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Do it yourself

Setup A Watch Party For Your Team

If you can’t make it to one of our public watch parties, but would love to watch one of the SRCCON 2020 talks as a team, group, or organization, you’ve got options!

If you’d like to host something a little more official and you’d like the speakers to attend for discussion or Q&A, let us know and we can ask the speakers on your behalf. In these cases, we’d ask that you pay the speakers for their time.

Interested in the full list of talks at SRCCON 2020 this year? See the complete list here. If you’re a SRCCON 2020 attendee, full talk transcripts are available in the SRCCON attendee resource guide you used during the conference. If you need a link, email us and we can send it over!